Stop Grandma, Vote No!

Political Activist Poster

Date: September, 2012
Typefaces: ITC Franklin Gothic
& Hoefler Text

Type-based political poster addressing the recently proposed Minnesota Voter ID Constitutional ammendment. The proposed ammendment would unfortunately not do much to secure elections, cost millions of dollars to implement, and actually make it more diffucult for many who already find it difficult in getting to the ballot.

Problem: How do you get the attention of both sides of a politically charged electorate that all but refuses to listen to views they think oppose their own?
Solution: Invoke grandma! The colors and doily patterns are reminiscent of many grandmothers while the contrasting typefaces, large scale, and somewhat unsettling message work to bring viewers in to discover an important reason to vote no.

The ammendment did not pass, now politicians can craft legislation that will secure elections while protecting citizens rights and abilities to vote.